Message from Mrs Hewson

We now have the May half term holiday and in that time there will be no home learning set.
Depending on the Government decision, we aim to open for Year 6 and Reception on Monday 1 st June. Other year groups will have work set via this blog as usual. More details will follow.
The class emails will not be checked over this period either. Of course please use all the ideas, activities, challenges and websites that have being suggested on this Blog if you need to. There is so much out there at the moment and so many free websites to use. Please keep active as this is crucial for our physical and mental health. Remember – “move more, sit less!”
During the holiday period, if you have any safeguarding concerns surrounding your
child/children or any other children, please contact the MASH (Multi Agency
Safeguarding Hub) on 03450507666. If you have serious child protection concerns,
please call the police on 999.
Yvonne Hewson

Class 10 – Arts Week

I am so impressed by all of your creations. Seeing the work you have produced has truly made my week. They are beautiful and really show a wealth of artistic skill – I hope you have enjoyed exploring your creative genius!

The pictures of your art will feature in the Arts Week video. Here are the pictures of some of you in action, working on your masterpieces!

Miss Lush.

Half Term is Here!

Good morning,

I first of all want to start by saying a huge thank you to all of you for your hard work over this strange half term we have had. You are keeping your brains busy, active and healthy – with your learning still fresh in your mind. It has been very difficult, but you are showing such strength by talking about your worries, persevering and taking each day as it comes. We are missing you all terribly. If you are keeping up with your gratitude journals or you have a diary, it will be fascinating for you to look back on!

Half term bits and bobs:

Do you love to write stories? Does your imagination travel to wondrous places as you write? Then this competition may be perfect for you …

Literacy Lockdown Competition 

Child’s Eye and Libri Publishing are holding a nationwide short story competition for children: 

Lockdown Lit 

Short Story Competition  

The competition is simple, free and easy to enter. Children need to submit a story on any topic of between 100-1000 words, by June 15th 2020. Entries will be judged by a panel of children’s authors and prizes will be awarded in three age categories (up to 7; 8-12 and 13+). The winning entries will be published with their authors and their school receiving free copies. 

If you are interested, visit

Keeping Active:

Remember to keep active and complete your 1 hour of daily exercise! You may want to alternate between Joe Wicks’ PE Lessons, Go Noodle or BBC Supermovers.

Here are some activities for you to choose from. Maybe you could complete one per week day?

Enjoy the half term break, take care and stay safe. Hopefully the sun will stays with us!

Miss Lush and Mrs Cowell.

Friday 22 May

Alberto Giacometti (1901 – 1966)

So, it is Friday.

As I was walking this morning, a song came into my head – Mylie Cyrus’ ‘The Climb’ and the lyrics are very apt for ‘normal’ life as well as life these days.

There’s always gonna be another mountain
I’m always gonna wanna make it move
Always gonna be an uphill battle
Sometimes I’m gonna have to lose
Ain’t about how fast I get there
Ain’t about what’s waiting on the other side
It’s the climb

Whilst the goal, the other side of the mountain, is important, the most important part is the process of getting there. The tiny steps to reach that goal and the self learning that takes place on that journey are what will make you a better person in the long run. The struggles you overcome, and your resilience, will teach you how to cope the next time something is tricky.

This is the last day of term 5! Next week there will be no blog posts, nor will be looking at the class emails. Some families have found that it works best to keep the routine going, some families will feel like a complete break is required and some will be doing a mix of the two. You do what works for you. Just remember, be kind to yourself!

Reading, flash tables, exercise, mindfulness, hydration and exercise.



Art – please send photos to the class email by this afternoon 2.45pm at the latest so that the school video can be put together. Remember, please send photos of the artwork with just your first name and class number to be put on the school video. Photos of you and your art for the blog, with permission attached, as always.

Take care. Be kind. Be safe.

Mrs Cowell and Miss Lush


Thursday 21st May

Banksy (2020 Southampton)

‘It takes 21 days to form a habit.’ There are some things in life that we really are not keen on doing – maths, reading, writing, handwriting… for me, it’s exercise! It takes time and struggle for our brain to get used to doing something. Remember when fastening your shoes was a problem? Getting them on the right feet, sorting out your socks, making sure the tongue of the shoe wasn’t shoved down and that was before you even started on the laces! But perseverance and a bit of struggle, means you are now in the habit of putting your shoes on without really thinking about it. Habits are there to help us achieve a long term goal – lace tying allows you to get out of the house independently and efficiently. Getting into the habit of reading? Helps achieve the long term goal of making sense of information in the wider world or allows you to lose yourself in a fiction novel. Getting into the habit of writing neatly? Communication with those around us is key, sometimes we can’t speak aloud and we won’t always have access to digital aids, we need to be able to write clearly so that people can understand us. Getting into the habit of maths? Throughout life you will have to do quick calculations in your head – have you got enough money for the shop, is one example. At school, and at home, we are not “nagging” you to practise these skills so that you can pass an exam, we are nagging you so that you can build a lifelong habit which will allow you to communicate with the world around you and understand what the world is saying to you!

So .. work

Reading, flash tables, exercise, mindfulness, hydration and hygiene.

Maths Times tables. We need to be fluent up to our 12 times tables. That means completing each sheet in less than 5 minutes with one or two mistakes maximum.

English Writing

Art Carry one working on art activities that you like or ones that you think might challenge you. Send photos in, with permission for the blog and with your first name and class number only for the school ArtsWeek video.

Take care. Be kind. Be safe.

Mrs Cowell and Miss Lush

Welcome to the new blog

David Hockney –

So, we’ll try again! Unfortunately, that means that all the work that was on the other blog is lost, but we still have your photos so that’s ok.

I’m working on tomorrow’s post now, so hopefully it won’t crash again.

Take care. Be kind. Be safe.

Mrs Cowell

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